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Anna/ 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Lovely Anna is a free-spirited young woman who is happiest when she is wearing the least amount of clothing.

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Mary/ 24 / Brunette / 5’4″


Mary is an exceptionally attractive woman who loves to pose naked and show offer her body.

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Candyce/ 26 / Brunette / 5’3″


Charming Candyce, one of our most popular girls, loves animals.

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Violet/ 24 / Brunette / 5’5″


Adorable Violet was once very much into sports and always saw herself as something of a cheerleader.

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Danyella/ 22 / Brunette / 5’2″


Danyella is a girl with a lot to offer. She has some offbeat ideas and hobbies.

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Jennifer/ 21 / Brunette / 5’3″


Jennifer is a self-described “gym rat” who enjoys going to work out, enjoys keeping her body in great shape

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Claudia/ 24 / Brunette / 5’5″


Claudia is a generous, kind woman who loves games of chance and gambling in casinos.

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Larissa/ 23 / Brunette / 5’2″


Larissa is a scintillating, stimulating young woman who has the soul of an artist.

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Melody/ 24 / Brunette / 5’4″


Melody is an unusual girl who enjoys a clothing-optional lifestyle.

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Tina/ 24 / Brunette / 5’4″


Our sexy Tina is a night owl who loves to go out to clubs and spend time in smaller pubs and bars.

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Erika/ 22 / Brunette / 5’6″


Erika is a truly fearless, adventurous girl who enjoys all kinds of sports and other active activities.

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Lyla/ 23 / Brunette / 5’4″


Luscious Lyla is a former pole dancer and part-time model who feels becoming a Belgium escort

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Take Charge of Your Recreation and Your Romantic Desires

Your sexy, professional, desirable Belgium escort will show you a remarkable world… and a new approach to feminine companionship. Take a moment to look through LadiesofBelgium.com and we think you’ll see just how incredible is the offer we are making to you. Dating one of our sexy young women puts your romantic life back under your control. For as long as you have been dating, you’ve been dating on others’ terms, taking your cues from women and from a system of conventional, traditional dating that always puts the man at a disadvantage. Discard this notion of how dating should be… and embrace the new model of feminine companionship that Belgium escorts offer!

Think about it: What does dating do for you? Supposedly, dating is a process that is intended to help you find a woman to spend time with. Maybe you’ll end up establishing a short-term or long-term relationship with that woman. But in the near term, dating is all about finding female company. It’s about how much fun and pleasure spending time in the company of a lovely young woman is supposed to be. Dating, done right, shouldn’t feel like more effort than it is worth. It should be pleasant, not unpleasant. You should not have to endure dating; you should be looking forward to it. But in our modern world, the process of meeting women and establishing relationships with them has become a chore. It has become a process that always puts men at a disadvantage. Why should you tolerate a process that not only mistreats you, but which has no guarantee of success attached to it? After all, the purpose of dating, and the time and effort spent on it, is supposed to be that at the conclusion of the process, you’ll have a lovely young woman to spend time with. But too many men waste money, time, and intense amounts of effort and never have anything to show for it. The modern approach to dating, romance, and feminine companionship will always disappoint you… and when you book a beautiful Belgium escort, all that will change.

In short, there are multiple reasons why dating in the modern world is a raw deal. Every heterosexual man should consider himself in charge of his romantic life. The dating process, when done the old-fashioned and conventional way, takes that control away from him. This is unkind to him and generally puts him at a disadvantage. But what are the alternatives? We think you’ll find that Belgium escorts are the best possible solution… but let’s say you haven’t yet made that decision just yet. Let’s say you’re still trying to find another way to make dating the old-fashioned way work. You could, if you want to go your own way, give up on the company of women altogether. You could acknowledge that the way the old-fashioned dating platform works puts you through all kinds of stress, all kinds of hassle, and all kinds of pressure, only to leave you with very little to show for all your time and money when the young lady you are pursuing calls a halt to your efforts at whatever mood or whim strikes her. You could do that, but what does that look like for you? Are you giving up on what it means to be a man when you do that?

It’s a little sad, when you really stop to consider it. Giving up on women entirely because dating is a raw deal deprives you of much of what it means to be a man in today’s world. What will happily replace the old-fashioned way of dating is, of course, booking the time of one of our incredibly attractive Belgium escorts. But if you’re still not convinced, let’s really take a look at what it means to just walk away from the traditional dating game, but not to replace the dating process with something as rewarding and special as booking the time of our Belgium escorts. When you give up on Belgium escorts, well, you may well be giving up on any hope of ever spending real time in the personal company of a gorgeous young woman ever again… and we think that’s a real shame.

Of course, simply giving up on dating and walking away from it is not unheard of. In Japan, you may have heard in the news about a cultural movement growing there. It seems that more and more men are just plain giving up on the idea of dating women. They’re even giving up on the concept of responsibility. They’re choosing, instead of courting women, finding a wife, having sex, settling down, raising families, and going to work to support those families, to adopt a completely different path, which is refusing to engage in any of those activities. Now, it’s absolutely true that there’s very little satisfaction in the workaday world. Going to work day in and day out just to toil away for someone who doesn’t appreciate you, or someone who only appreciates you for the money that you can put in her purse, isn’t very appealing. But these young Japanese men, who are known by the collective term “grass eaters” in the media, are acting, not like men at all, but like some new, asexual breed of passive males. Being called a grass-eating animals is not a compliment, after all. It’s like saying that normal, meat eating, hunting and gathering provider male is one thing, while these herbivore-like “grass eaters” are another. They’ve given up, they’ve dropped out, and they’ve gone over to being something they are not, wasting time playing video games and generally doing whatever else it is when a man gives up on everything that is supposed to make him a man.

Deep down, though, these young Japanese men have something of the right idea. It’s just that how they’re choosing to pursue it requires them to give up too much. They understand quite correctly that the old-fashioned way of finding a girl, dating her, making a connection with her, maybe even marrying and settling down with her, and then going on to live your life with that person and only that person is really a failure waiting to happen. No heterosexual man can really enjoy his life when he lives it according to the way society has laid this path out for him. Every part of the deck is stacked against you in that scenario. A man cannot enjoy himself when he lives his life that way, forced to conform to a set of arbitrary rules that make him act against his own interests, sacrifice what he wants for others, and never put his own pleasure and his own satisfaction first. Men are taught from their earliest childhood that the greatest good is sacrificing for other people. In other words, every man is taught that if he wants to date, if he wants the company of a beautiful woman, he has to give up what he wants and put everyone else first. Why should a man give up his own desires… when our lovely Belgium escorts are waiting to help him indulge himself?

You may have heard the terrible saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” It sounds harmless on its face, but what it is really saying is that women hold the power in relationships to deny men peace and happiness, to make their lives miserable if they themselves are not content. Is that a world that any sane man would want to occupy? Studies have shown that women are much more controlling in relationships than men, and it is not uncommon for a man to feel like he no longer has control over his own time or his own life once he is in a relationship. It’s only natural that a man might forsake dating in that scenario. But you are a healthy, heterosexual man with urges and needs. You want and need to spend time in the company of beautiful women. This is a fundamental, even genetic need, programmed into you by nature. You can’t help yourself. It’s the same reason that when a pretty girl walks by on the street, you can’t help but look. This is something that you need, deep down inside yourself, and that need, that unquenchable desire for the company of women, is never going to just face away on its own. Becoming the kind of man who just gives up and says he’ll go ahead and be alone, won’t solve your problem. It’s a quick fix, but it doesn’t truly provide you with what you want most, which is feminine companionship.

So what does a man do to solve this problem? If he’s smart, he hires a Belgium escort, who can give him everything he wants and needs in a female companion… and on his terms. Every man wants to be close to women, but smart men understand just how little dating will serve them. If you haven’t yet reached this conclusion, it’s important that you take the time to understand it. Just how is it that traditional dating fails when compared to the better way of booking the time of Belgium escorts? Well, it all starts with costs. Many of the costs of traditional dating are hidden. These costs alone should be enough to convince you not to engage in dating the old-fashioned way. Trying to find a woman the old-fashioned way of courting and dating only wastes your time and money. You can’t be faulted for falling into this trap because for most people this is all they’ve ever known. Every person in your life up to this point, from parents to teachers to friends and family, have told you that this is how traditional dating is supposed to work. The lies you’ve been told about dating are probably things you still think are true.

Old-fashioned dating simply doesn’t produce the best or most efficient outcome for men who are looking for female companionship. It doesn’t even, with any guarantee or even likelihood, produce the outcome that you think you want. That is to say, there’s really no probability that you’re going to end the process with a woman. It’s far more likely that you’ll waste your time, not to mention your money, until you are beaten down and learn to sacrifice what you want. Or you can simply give up entirely, and become one of those failed men, who has decided there is no chance he’ll get a woman any time soon or ever again. Do you really want to be the sort of pathetic loser whom everyone thinks will never land himself a woman again? That’s not who you want to be. That’s not the image that any man truly wants to exhibit, is it? The good news is that when you hire one of our Belgium escorts, you can truly start to enjoy the company of beautiful women. And when you are out with our lovely ladies, you’ll be able to show that you are the sort of man who gets women. You’ll be casting aside that old-fashioned method of meeting women, and you’ll be putting behind you those unhealthy relationships that just don’t do you any favors. Why be used and misused by people who don’t have your best interests at heart? But if you still don’t believe us, if you are still determined not to book the time of a beautiful, professional Belgium escort, then let’s look a little more closely at the hidden costs associated with dating and meeting women according to that old-fashioned model.

When a man looks to meet women, he has to go in search of them. He has to find where they will be and then try to meet them. That means going out on the hunt, so to speak, and while some guys may enjoy the thrill of the chase, hunting is not usually what we ‘d think of as “romantic.” It’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to the exact opposite of anything romantic, fun, exciting, or adventurous in most cases, because most of the time you just feel like you’re sort of desperately flailing around. This is a drag for everybody concerned, really, except for maybe the women who are getting free entertainment and free meals out of all of this… not to mention the feeling of having all the power in a relationship.

When you go out looking for a woman, the first hurdle you have to face is actually finding a woman who is willing to have a conversation with you. This is a lot harder than you might think. In fact, the first time you attempt it, you’ll quickly come to understand why. That’s because after just one or two nights of trying and failing to strike up conversations with the population of supposedly available women, you’ll quickly realize that these women aren’t really “available” at all. They are, instead, playing at it, unwilling to take the leap to giving you the time of day in many cases, and unwilling to defy the groupthink of the packs of friends they travel with in other cases. But as a man, you have to go where single people go, right? These types of locations include nightclubs, bars, and organized events for singles to meet, not to mention dates that you take from dating applications. But just going to these places is only the start of what you’ll have to deal with. You now have to spend hour after grueling hour trying to get the attention of woman. That means the task before you has only just begun. You are facing a lot of competition from all the other men in the place, after all. Are you ready to have to deal with all of them in order to get the attention of a single lady? Are you ready for the time and effort you will have to invest just to get someone to talk to you and have a conversation, let alone actually get close enough to you to maybe agree to go out on a date with you?

Well, we hope you’re ready for rejection. The fact is that some women will gladly make sport of shooting down the men that approach them. In some cases they are genuinely unimpressed with the man, and determined to hold out for only the most attractive and seemingly wealthy men in the room. In some cases they are simply trying to impress their friends. Whatever the reason, you will find yourself shot down over and over again. You will find yourself rejected. You will have to continue the hunt, and that is why conventional dating just isn’t very much fun. But let’s not forget, it’s also extremely expensive, and you’ll quickly come to feel like you’re pouring money out of your wallet as you date. Just going to a club is expensive because you’ll be buying all kinds of drinks for the women you are trying to meet, as ice-breakers. How many drinks will you have to buy, and how many will you waste on women who are happy to accept your gifts, but who will not care to actually spend any time with you or have any meaningful conversation with you beyond a little small talk? Especially if a woman is attractive, she knows she can go out all night long and enjoy free drinks simply by flirting with some guys. And you’ll also have to deal with her friends — friends who seem to take great delight in trying to stop you from taking her home. Chances are pretty good that by the time you spend an evening like that, it will be time and money wasted, with nothing to show for it, maybe not even a phone number so you can try to text her back later and maybe get something going in a more intimate setting.

Belgium escorts make everything so much easier! When you go out with an amateur girl, you’ll just keep spending money, even if you do manage to get the attention of a young woman. If you thought it was expensive to date before, you’re really going to take it in the wallet as you try to keep that young lady’s attention in order to seal the deal. Every relationship, especially the early stages in which that relationship is formed, is like a kind of endless job interview, where you are constantly being tested to see if you make the grade and to see whether you are actually worthy of her time and attention in her eyes. If you make a single mistake, if you say the wrong thing, if you express the wrong opinion, you could lose everything in an instant. If she suddenly decides she’s done with you, that’s it. All that time, all that money, and all that effort you put into trying to get to know her has disappeared in less time than it takes to explain, and you are left with nothing to show for it. This is one of the many ways that traditional dating is such a disadvantage to men, who are expected to pay for everything and to jump through hoops to get a woman’s attention, but who can be left high and dry without warning and without apology.

This is a key way that dating one of our lovely Belgium escorts is actually of great benefit to you, especially compared to traditional dating. With conventional dating, there is no guarantee and no expectation that you’ll actually get what you’re looking for. You hope it works out, but the chances that you’ll find a woman to be with are so low that you have no idea what will come of your efforts. You can only hope, and keep spending money, and keep investing effort and time, and all the time you’re just being made a bigger fool. She is using you, in most cases, even if she doesn’t realize it, and even if her intentions are good. Most women think of themselves as good people, but they are trained from birth to use men for what they can get from them. The result is that she gets what she wants, the date goes as she wants it, and everything is geared around pleasing her. This is by design, for it is an audition that you must pass if you want to go out on yet another date with her, and that is the vicious cycle that is the old-fashioned way of dating.

The worst part of that, though, is what we mentioned before: “Happy wife, happy life.” It’s a saying that doesn’t just apply to marriage. It all applies to all relationships, because every woman can and does use the power of her displeasure to force me not do as she wishes, by punishing him if he disobeys. A man who is treated like this for any length of time will break up with his woman if he’s smart, or stay and get beaten down if he’s not. If he gets beaten down, he will do anything to please his lady because he does not want to displease her. Displeasing her means being punished, and being punished can mean anything from being horribly criticized or otherwise mistreated, to being given the silent treatment, to having affection held back from him. A man who refuses to be intimate with his woman because he wants her to obey him would be considered abusive. Women, however, routinely behave this way, and nobody much seems to car. That is the world of traditional dating.

So what happens if, after the dating process is conducted, you actually find yourself in some kind of relationship? You often won’t, and your time and effort will have been wasted. Just think of all those hours put in on trying to woo some woman and others like her. Just think of all that money you wasted buying her drinks, buying her dinner, getting her cards, getting her flowers, and whatever else you did trying to get into her good graces. Just think of all the resources invested in taking her to fun places and fun activities. You’ll never get that time or money back again. Sure, you can earn money to replace what has been spent, but that time is gone forever. You’ve wasted what is arguably the only real resource that any of us has. And if you have fun while you were doing so? Most men would admit that, no, dating isn’t much fun at all. This is probably why men start to consider just giving up on women entirely, and who could blame them after going through all that?

What’s disturbing is that if you do manage to find yourself in some kind of short-term or long-term relationship, you’re not actually better off. Instead, arguably, you are worse off, because being in a relationship with a non-professional woman is frequently a practice in torturing yourself. You’ve been taught that a relationship is exactly the goal to shoot for, and that once you have such a relationship, everything in your life is going to be improved. But that relationship is fleeing at best. Do you think your woman will stick by you if anything goes wrong in your life? Do you think she’ll stay with you if you don’t consistently please her? There is no woman alive who will not abandon her man the moment he does not sufficiently please her. This attitude and this approach is hardwired in women’s genetic makeup just as a man is hardwired to find women attractive. She cannot help it. She wants to be provided for by her very nature, and if you cannot protect and provide for her, if you displease her, you are useless to her. The moment she thinks you are useless, she will give up on you and move on to someone who can help her. And if she is at all attractive, she will have no trouble finding someone else.

Belgium escorts are so much better than traditional relationships! Sure even the worst relationships have some bright spots. Chances are that there will be perhaps brief periods of time during which you and your woman will be happy with each other. Things may get hot and bothered between you two, even, which is how it typically goes in most relationships, but those periods of happiness will be short-lived in the old-fashioned method of dating. Apart from those happy times, the rest of the time, your lady will be ungrateful, unhappy, demanding, and critical of you. After a while you’ll be spending so much time trying to get her not to be angry with you that you’ll have forgotten what it’s like when she’s happy. Is that the kind of life you want to live? Do you really want to give control of your romantic life, and of your life overall, to someone who will constantly push you around and mistreat you? No sane person would, which is why more and more men are choosing to leave traditional dating and relationships behind and to get their feminine companionship by booking the time of our beautiful, professional Belgium escorts.

Booking Belgium Escorts is Always Better

When you book the time of one of our beautiful, professional Belgium escorts, you are getting the complete and focused attention of a gorgeous woman whose job it is to make you happy. She is a professional entertainer, in all that this implies. She will not bring to your interaction any emotional problems or personal baggage. She will always treat you with respect and never be critical of you. You know from past experiences with dating non-professional women that if your girl has any issues of any kind, those problems quickly become your problems. If she doesn’t get along with her family, that awkward interaction is now awkward problem. If she has problems with a previous relationship, you get to take that chore on as well. If she has emotional baggage from her life before she met you, you must now help her try to work through all of those emotional problems, and you will be blamed for these problems because that is now your job and your position in that relationship. Does it really seem appealing to have to deal with that on a regular basis? We’ve never thought so, and yet so many men have just come to accept this old-fashioned model of dating, relationships, and disappointing romance.

Well, now, thanks to LadiesofBelgium.com, you don’t have to settle for less. Now you can get close to a lovely young Belgium escort and get to know the fun, excitement, and pleasure that is having her focus her full attention on you. If you’re concerned that you can’t afford our service, think again: Our Belgium escorts are not just price competitive with other services, but also extremely affordable and cost-effective compared to the many hidden costs of traditional dating. Consider the many expenses we’ve already described, from the time you spend in bars and nightclubs, to the drinks that you buy, to the dinners, entertainment, and other expenses associated with traditional dating, courting, or otherwise trying to get and hold the attention of a non-professional woman. There’s no way of knowing ahead of time just how expensive all this is going to add up to be. When you book a Belgium escort, by contrast, you know what the cost is, you know what the booking fee is, and you know what you are prepared to spend on your night out. Everything is up to you, everything is fully in your control, and nothing is a surprise.

By far the best part about booking Belgium escorts, however, is that you get to skip to the end of the traditional dating process altogether. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to meet someone, wasting your time on dead ends that never go anywhere, and making the mistake of spending time and money on a woman you think is “the one” only to find out she’s not that into you, you can skip right to the end and, through our very simple booking process. What is “the end” in this context? Why, it is you spending time with a beautiful woman — which is exactly what you were hoping to accomplish through the dating process, wasn’t it? When you book one of our lovely Belgium escorts, that’s exactly what you get. You get the beautiful woman of your dreams at a moment’s notice, on your time and on your schedule.

Contact us today. There’s absolutely no reason to hesitate. When you met women our way, when you book the time of our lovely Belgium escorts, you’ll be well on your way to finally enjoying your romantic life. Don’t settle for anything less. Don’t settle for less satisfying alternatives to the company of a gorgeous woman! Get the most out of your romantic life… and do it all on your terms, on your schedule, and within your budget. Why deal with the hassle and drama of non-professional relationships when you can get everything you want from dating by booking the time of one of our lovely girls? We can’t wait for you to meet our Belgium escorts. Belgium escorts are the best way to enjoy yourself with a beautiful woman tonight… and we know you’ll agree. We can’t contact you. You’ll have to take the first step and contact us today.

That is what we do and that is all we do. We are the best escort agency in Belgium. We urge you to contact us today so that we can show you just why our Belgium escorts are better in every conceivable way when it comes to feminine companionship. Nothing less than the attention of our Belgium escorts will do. Every moment you waste is a moment that’s gone forever. Don’t settle for less. Contact us right now.