Charming Candyce, one of our most popular girls, loves animals. She is also fond of collecting music, and while she knows it marks her as something of a hipster, she is not afraid to collect music on vinyl. She stays in shape by running, and she also likes to ride bicycles. She likes romantic roleplay and is very proud of the very intimate collection of lingerie she keeps at home. She likes to acquire new lingerie whenever possible. She says she loves animals because they are totally innocent, and perhaps among the only truly innocent living creatures that exist.


Age 23
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Animals don’t have the power to deceive you,” she says. “The difference between animals and people is that people have to be taught everything. You have some instincts, sure. You know that you want sex, that you want love, that you want food and sleep. You know you are uncomfortable when you’re cold and you know how terrible it feels to be tired. But unless someone teaches you how, you’ll never know about how to go get these things yourself. And while animals do teach their young certain skills, such as when a mother bird teaches its baby birds how to fly, animals are creatures of instinct. They are driven by this just the facts kind of approach to life. This is how you know they can’t trick you or try to be anything they’re not. You get what you see, and what you see is what you get. I think that’s why we like animals, whether it’s dogs or cats or some other pet. It’s why we come to love them like part of our own families. If more of us tried to be more like innocent animals, and put aside our politics and our petty dislikes and likes, then maybe the world would be a better place.”

Candyce goes on, “I would love the chance to date someone who was totally honest and direct. If you could just walk into a club or bar and see someone very attractive, go up to them, look them up and down, and maybe put your hand on their shoulder and tell them how much into them you are, then you’d be very much better off. You could just put it all out there. A man could go up to a woman, tell her he thinks she is very sexy, and tell her he’d like to treat her right and show her a good time. If we could all just be direct with each other, imagine the things we could achieve. There would be so much less wasted time in the world. Honesty, total honesty across society, would benefit us all. It would be very special for us as a society. It would give us the jolt we need to push us into the future. And I think our future is all about human interaction. People have to be able to interact. They have to be able to show each other what they think. They have to be able to kind of jazz up the world with their energy. Energy is infectious. Energy is very important. We say that some people are the life of the party… but why do we say that? We say that when they impress us with their energy. That’s what life is all about. Life is about energy. It’s about impressing our fellow human beings with how positive we can be.”

Candyce loves to run and uses this not just to stay in shape, but to get in touch with who she is physically. “Running is my first passion,” she says. “When I run, I can feel myself moving. I can feel the sweat pouring down my body and clinging to my curves. I like to feel my feet pumping beneath me. I guess you could say I’m addicted to the rush of chemicals that happens when you get that ‘runner’s high,’ when you’re just kind of floating along on air and you’re off in your own little world. There have been times when I’ve thought about entering a marathon, or just spending even more time running than I normally do, in order to get and keep that feeling of euphoria. I live for that, just as I live for being a Belgium escort. I enjoy it very much. And I think the quest for that feeling, whether it’s through exercise or through something else, is what motivates all people. We all run around through life looking for something. We don’t always know what that something is. But I think at its least complex, it’s a feeling of well-being, a feeling of happiness. That happiness is what drives us all. That search for happiness, that quest for something that satisfies us, is the heart of all human drives, and it’s the reason that men seek out beautiful female companions. Every man wants to be with a beautiful woman. It’s our task as Belgium escorts to see that he gets it.”

Candyce explains that she sees her job as one of providing and even selling happiness. “I give joy. When you book my time, you are getting something you cannot necessarily acquire for free. In theory, every man can date and court and try to get a beautiful woman to focus on him, and that shouldn’t cost him anything, although of course he’ll spend money getting there. But the reality is that every man who wants a beautiful woman by his side is not going to be able to get that without some help. If he really wants to experience what it’s like to be with someone as lovely as me, he has to hire a Belgium escort. It’s the fastest, safest way to get close to someone who has the qualities you have always desire in women. And the beauty of it is that it’s so efficient. It’s so simple and easy. You click a few links, you contact, and you are soon in touch with me.”