Claudia is a generous, kind woman who loves games of chance and gambling in casinos. She also likes to volunteer and is active in various charity and religious causes. She’s all about giving of herself because, she says, being able to give of yourself is the truest gauge of who you are as a person. She likes to dress up in exotic costumes and lingerie and is fond of roleplay that allows her to pretend to be someone else, and she bicycles to stay in shape.


Age 24
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“My views on what is spiritual, what is deep, may be a little different compared to some others,” she says, “but I like to be as helpful to my community as I can be. There will always be people who believe in a higher power, but who don’t think that higher power would deny them pleasure. That’s why I don’t think my spiritual views are at all at odds with my job as a Belgium escort. I think any higher power above us would not give us these incredible bodies, and the incredible sensations that it can give us, and not want us to experience them. If everything takes place according to some kind of overall design, then I think that’s part of that design. We should all be experiencing that. We should all allow ourselves to experience that. Never deny who you are. Always experience the sensuality of your body. Never deny these amazing gifts you have been given.”

Exploring her sensual side is very important to Claudia, who is quick to point out that all escorts are part of a very sensual industry. While it’s not what many people think it is, it is definitely true that escorts exist to help fulfill individual desires and fantasies, some of them long held. “We do indeed fulfill fantasies,” she says. “The typical man has always wanted to be with a certain type of beautiful woman. These are the women he sees in clubs but feels like he can’t approach. They’re the women and the models he sees on television and in magazines. There has always been, and will always be, a certain type of incredibly attractive woman who the average man doesn’t think he’ll ever meet in person and that he won’t have a chance to date. I don’t think any man should count himself out that way. And I love that as a Belgium escort, I’m in a position to do something about that and to change it for many men. With just a few clicks and a small fee, I have the power to take away all those years of denial and rejection that so many men experience. When a man books my time, he is getting me to talk to, he is getting me to get close to, and he is getting me to focus on him. When he has booked my time, I have no other job but to make sure he’s happy and to guarantee that our time together is enjoyable for him. This is the Belgium escorts advantage. This focus on the client is what sets apart from other competing agencies. We are the number one Belgium escort agency for a reason.”

Claudia also understand how important it is to show a man the focus and attention he has always been missing. “So many men lives their entire lives always putting others first,” she says. “Most of them have never known what it feels like to be put first in any kind of romantic situation. Have you ever gone out on a date and felt like it was you who was being treated and pleased? Most men don’t. They are the ones who do this for women, and they work hard to impress women and keep them happy. But this is not the same as being the one who is being kept happy. It is not having a beautiful woman focus on you. Now if you, as a man dating a non-professional woman, had the opportunity to take a gorgeous woman out on a date, it would be stressful for you. You would spend the whole time trying not to mess it up. You would be desperate to make sure it went well, impress the woman, secure a follow-up date, and try to take her out again. That’s how the traditional dating process works.”

“Now,” Claudia goes on, “imagine that the roles are reversed. You still have a gorgeous, sexy, desirable woman to go out with… but now she’s yours to command. It’s her job to make the date go well. It’s your satisfaction that matters. How much better would that experience be? How unique would it be? You can have that now, today. All you have to do is book with us to make it happen. If you could have all that, why wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you be thrilled at the opportunity? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance? I know every man I take out is always incredibly grateful for the experience. I work very hard to make sure every one of my dates ends happily. I want my clients to be satisfied. I want them to be pleased. And I want them to want to be with me so much they want to book me again. After all, the more you want to book me, the closer we can get. I’m always happy for repeat business. And I love getting to know new people. Your Belgium escort… Belgium escorts, I should say… are here for you, in all things. Don’t be afraid to embrace what is possible. Don’t be afraid to embrace what you have always wanted to be. Don’t be afraid, period. The chance to date a Belgium escort is a chance to fulfill all your fantasies. There is nothing beyond that, nothing that can exceed it, and nothing that can trump it. Trust me in this. You will not be disappointed when you book with me. I will make sure you are satisfied.”