Erika is a truly fearless, adventurous girl who enjoys all kinds of sports and other active activities. She also enjoys games of strategy, like chess, and is fond of saying that she lives completely without fear — a feat that not many people are capable of accomplishing. She is one of our wilder escorts and promises a truly wild ride that belies how she looks.


Age 22
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I look sweet and innocent,” she says. “And of course I also look sexy and desirable. That’s who I am as a person. I love to play with expectations. I love to see that look on a man’s face when he thinks I’m one kind of girl and then discovers I’m quite a different kind of girl. That’s always, to me, the fun of toying with expectations. But it is also what I mean when I say I live without fear. Stop and think about everything you have ever done in your life and everything you have ever wanted to do. The things you did, you were happy to have done, or maybe if they were mistakes you regretted them. But what about the things you regret that you didn’t do, the opportunities gone by. That girl you didn’t sleep with and now you wish you had. That job you didn’t take. Some other thing. What held you back? It was fear, each and every time, that stopped you from getting what you wanted. Fear is not a good thing. Yes, you need it. Yes, it can keep you alive. But you’ve got to control fear. You’ve got to show it who is the boss. Too many men, for example, let a fear of rejection stop them from accomplishing what they want in life. They don’t go up to that woman. They don’t talk to her. They don’t demand a raise from their bosses. They don’t take that new job. The thing is, life is so short. What’s it really going to matter? Why not take the risks and then be stunned by the results? You should embrace that change. You should take what you want and need. You should do it today.”

“When I say I live my life without fear, it means I won’t let anyone stop me from going after things I desire. I will try absolutely anything. I love excitement and I love to do things that push me to accept and conquer new challenges. And I especially love anything that gives me a thrill, like a joy ride or speed or adrenaline, while I’m also trying new things and trying to meet new goals. Your life is a wonderful gift from the world around you, and every day, you should be out there grabbing what you want. Whether that’s finally calling us and booking a gorgeous Belgium escort for the date you’ve always dreamed about, or that’s doing something else that you have always dreamed of doing, you absolutely should stop waiting. If you wait, you just waste time. You could die tomorrow and you’d never know what you missed. You’d never have another chance. Go after what you want. Show people you aren’t afraid. This is very important. It’s the only thing that is important.”

One of the things Erika likes to do is share her love of roleplay and costuming with the men she is involved with romantically. “I love lingerie,” she says. “I live to dress up in different sexy clothes, try on different roles, and basically just live my life as a different character every night. I love roleplay. I love to get down and dirty with someone and show them just how freaky and sensual I can be. A lot of men are very surprised when you show them just how unusual you can get. I’m up for any kind of roleplay. Role reversals, power games, whatever sexy and naughty thing you can think of. I have always been very in touch with my naughty side and I like to get kinky and dirty. That doesn’t make me a bad person. It just makes me a girl who is very in touch with her sensuality. We should all take more time to get in touch with our sensuality. Every woman is a very sensual creature. If she doesn’t know her deepest fantasies, if she’s not willing to tell her man what she wants and what would fulfill her, she’s got to start trying. She’s got to let him in. Just the act of making yourself vulnerable in sharing your fantasies is a big part of it. It’s laying yourself bare for another human being and I can’t imagine anything sexier than that.”

Speaking of laying herself bare, Erika loves to be naked, and when she is home alone, she sheds her clothes at every opportunity. “I love to exercise naked in front of the windows with the shades open,” she says. I love the thought that people might be watching, that they might be finding pleasure in looking at my body. I don’t find it creepy or odd at all. I want people to look. I want people to enjoy. I am not looking to inflict myself on anyone, but if I can turn someone on, if I can show them the beauty that exists in the world, then why wouldn’t I? Think about it. The last time you saw a naked girl unexpectedly, you thought about it the rest of the day. You felt blessed. You felt lucky. You were extremely happy about it. You told the story to other people. Well, if I can facilitate that, if I can give that joy to other people, why wouldn’t I? I am proud of my beautiful body, after all. I have nothing to be ashamed of in having it seen. If that makes me an exhibitionist, so be it. I love the thought of men looking at my pictures on the website and fantasizing about me. I truly, absolutely love being the center of attention.