Luscious Lyla is a former pole dancer and part-time model who feels becoming a Belgium escort was the best opportunity ever made available to her. She is a happy, healthy young woman who is looking forward to all the opportunities to socialize and meet new people that being a Belgium escort offers her. She has truly embraced the lifestyle of being a Belgium escort, with all that entails, and is quick to point out how blessed she feels because of it.


Age 23
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“As a former model,” she says, “I know just how hard some people have to work to make a living. You don’t think of being a model as being hard work. You think of it, probably, as standing around being treated like a princess, looking good and wearing nice clothes. It certainly is that sometimes. But the rest of the time, it’s a lot of hard work. For example, there is a lot of pressure to stay thin. I like to stay toned and taut and looking good, and I work out to keep my body desirable, but this is a level of pressure that goes beyond even that. People who work in the modeling industry have a lot of eating disorders for a reason. There is also pretty rampant drug use. I never got involved in any of that, thank goodness. But the fact is that modeling can be very grueling psychologically. It’s hard to have relationships with other people and with men. It’s hard to do anything that doesn’t revolve around work or the industry. Sure, you have fun. But always in the background there is the fact that what you’re doing is a lot of work. You never really get very far away from it.”

Lyla explains, “Just the way the seasons work can work against you. It’s not unusual to shoot catalog pictures in the fall for the spring, and vice versa. You can be freezing cold and have to look like you are having a great time on a sunny beach in a bikini. Sure, it’s sunny, but you’re trying not to let your teeth chatter because it’s very, very cold. You’re in even bigger trouble if they want shots of you looking hot and sultry in the water when there’s no heat to be had. But the reverse is also true. You can be wearing winter coats among fake snow layouts when it’s boiling hot, and you’re trying not to sweat through the clothes or pass out from the heat. It’s really a lot of work, being a model, both physically and psychologically. But I learned a lot. And it led me to becoming a Belgium escort. I think that’s a very good thing. I have embraced that lifestyle.”

By “embracing the lifestyle” of a Belgium escort, Lyla explains that she’s always down for fun and excitement. “You have to be spontaneous to be an escort,” she says. “You have to be willing to do new things without a lot of warning. When a client books you, you don’t know what he has in mind until he you meet him, in a lot of cases. That’s always exciting, fun, and interesting. I love getting to know a client for the first time. But you also have to embrace the activities he wants, the fun he wants to have. If you can’t do that, you aren’t really doing a very good job, are you? So you have to be spontaneous and make it look easy. It’s fine to take on any challenge, but to take it on and make it look like it’s not a challenge, that is the real trick. So I am always looking for ways to embrace new activities, to make myself the most spontaneous girl I can be. Men love a woman who is willing to have fun with them. They really just want a companion who is willing to let them have a good time. And so many women lose sight of that.”

Lyla continues, “There are studies that say women are more controlling in relationships than men. Well, I think that’s very true. The average marriage or long-term relationship is like a prison for a man. His woman gives him permission to enjoy his life. Is that any way to be as a man? How can you give up that amount of control over who you are as a person? Yet so many men believe that’s normal and natural. They have been taught that to be controlled by their wives or girlfriends is a natural thing. Why not give up on those types of relationships entirely? When you go out with a Belgium escort, she’ll make sure you have fun. Her whole job is making sure you have fun. And she’ll never treat you with criticism or disrespect the way an amateur woman, a woman you are in a relationship, might. To be honest, the way the average woman treats her man is disgraceful. Women act like they are doing a man a favor by being with him, and they treat him like garbage. A Belgium escort knows that a man should be treated right. And that is why more and more men are leaving relationships behind and turning to escorts for female companionship. With a Belgium escort, you are in control, and you get what you want.”

Lyla concludes, “Is it any wonder that so many women are still alone when they hit middle age? A man who is smart knows to get out. He knows that marriage is not designed to benefit him. He knows that relationships take unfair advantage of him. And so he books a Belgium escort and gets his romantic time on his terms, on his schedule. He stays in control. Nobody is bossing him around anymore. It’s perfect, and it’s the way things ought to be. That is why you should book time with me today. Belgium escorts are the answer to everything you have ever wanted in the dating world, truly.”