Melody is an unusual girl who enjoys a clothing-optional lifestyle. She is a former gymnast who stays in shape by taking long power walks. She likes the outdoors, and she likes exploring urban areas. She is also a bisexual who is very frank about her enjoyment of both men and women.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“My sexuality is not a trick,” she says. “Girls will sometimes through the motions of being bisexual. They use it as a kind of tool for getting more business in the escort world. Women know that every man has this fantasy of seeing two beautiful women together, and the reality isn’t always up to the fantasy. But I am a sexy, gorgeous girl who loves to be with men, and I also recognize the beauty of a soft, sensuous woman. I don’t see how any woman couldn’t. When I see a beautiful woman, my first thought is to wonder how I might be able to talk that sexy girl into bed with me. And if we just happen to bring along some lucky guy for the fun, then so much the better. But when I see a sexy man, I also want to take him to bed. I want to know what he’ll do to try and get me to go with him. I love to be desired. The idea of being in bed with both a man and a woman is wonderful. It is almost overwhelming, so pleasurable is that idea. I think it deserves saying that this is the best of both possible worlds, isn’t it?”

Melody goes on to explain what she likes about men and women, despite and even becomes of their differences. She does not want to have to choose between the two and doesn’t see any reason that she should. “I love both men and women,” she says. “Taking a couple to bed is always more fun, and more exciting, than just being with one or the other individually. Is that wrong to say? I don’t see how it could be. It’s the little differences. Men are so strong and hard and powerful. There’s a strength that radiates from them. They are just everything that maleness should be, when you find a good one. There’s nothing like the feeling when a man pulls you close, when he folds you into his arms, when he reaches up and maybe even pulls your hair and makes you his. I love to feel a man just grabbing me and controlling me like that. I suppose that’s why I’m naturally submissive, although you shouldn’t think that means I’ll just accept anything and everything. I’m still my own person. I still want to have a say in what I do and how.”

Melody continues, “It’s just that I like a man who knows what he wants, and who can tell me that and communicate it to me. There’s something just very sexy about a man who is confident and strong. Yet I know that this isn’t natural for every man, and men sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to developing their confidence. When I get the opportunity to do that, I am always happy to. It means I am turning that man into an even better friend, lover, and boyfriend. I am giving him the opportunity to be the person he deserves to be. But I have equally strong feelings about women. I love the sensual, soft touch of a woman. A woman’s full lips on yours are just so electric. There is nothing else like that, and when a woman’s body is pressed closed to mine, and I’m feeling her curves, it’s wonderful because she’s so familiar and yet so forbidden and alien at the same time.”

Melody explains that when she’s with woman, the sense that some part of it is forbidden or taboo always makes it more exciting. “It’s like we shouldn’t be doing it, but we are, and so it’s more exciting,” she says. “If a man is looking at us, that’s even better. And if he joins in, it’s so much better, because he brings to the bedroom things that she can’t. I get overwhelmed just imagining it. Now, mind you, I’m not speaking as a Belgium escort, necessarily. These are just how I handle my personal relationships. I guess you could say I’m a very sensual person and I don’t mind explaining that. I think that’s a good thing, and if everyone was as honest with themselves as I am about what they want, we would all be better off as people. Never deny yourself pleasure.”

Melody has a wild side and isn’t afraid to express it. She believes that we should all be a little bit more in touch with our wilder natures, in fact, and she loves to point that out to others. “Your wild side is who you are,” she says. “It’s what you truly desire. What we think of as a wild side is just our most unfettered desires. You shouldn’t deny those desires. You shouldn’t try to say that this isn’t who you are. If you repress what you truly want, you won’t get rid of those desires. You’ll just make them more powerful. You’ll give them so much power over you that they will end up controlling you. Don’t let that happen. Indulge your fantasies. Indulge what you desire. Give yourself the opportunity to truly be who you wish to be. I think every person is really, at his or her heart, the sum of his most honest desires. Be honest with yourself. Be the person you need to be. Be the person you were meant to be. Be the person who you deserve to be. It’s all about personal fulfillment. It’s all about allowing yourself to achieve your dreams before you die. Life is short and you were meant to have fun with it. Deep down, I really believe that. I believe we are meant to fulfill ourselves and our dreams as people.”