Our sexy Tina is a night owl who loves to go out to clubs and spend time in smaller pubs and bars. She loves pub games and has a collection of bar tricks at her disposal that she can use to make herself the life of the party. She loves to play games and she is a very sexually dominant girl who knows what she wants and loves to have a man at her side who can help her get it. She is always fun, always exciting, and always willing to show her clients a good time.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“A lot of guys are surprised when I say I consider myself sexually aggressive, but it’s true,” she says. “I don’t think that’s a bad thing. A woman, any woman, needs to be able to take what she needs, and there’s no reason she shouldn’t be just as aggressive about saying what she wants as a man is expected to be. We’re a lot more tolerant of sexually aggressive men because we think that’s how men should be. We expect them to be strong. We expect them to be forceful. I like that in men too. But women should be able to do the same thing. No woman should feel like she has to deny herself or her feelings. She should be able to just tell the world that this is what she wants, and she should be honest about her needs. When I’m out with a friend or I’m out with a client, I am always as honest as I know how to be. I tell the men I date and the men I meet just what I want. I let them know very exactly that I am interested in, and what I want to make me happy, and the more honest I am with them, the better they can meet my needs. When you think about it, this being direct helps everybody to get what they need. It helps you to cut through the hassle and the games and really meet people’s desires, doesn’t it? Ultimately, being honest with someone is showing them that you respect them. You are telling them that you respect them enough to tell them the truth. I think that’s a special thing. We should always treat it with respect and take it seriously.”

Tina continues on, “like to take charge of my romantic life. I can’t deny that. And yes, I do like, in the bedroom, to be the one on top and the one in charge. I’m not obnoxious about it. I’m not looking to be anyone’s femdom. But I like to make sure that I get what I want and I like a guy who knows what that means. I want to be able to tell my man what I would like, and if possible and if he’s into it, maybe we can even play some games together that revolve around roleplay. Society has become a lot more open about these types of needs and desires, and will probably become more so. We all ought to be able to discuss our innermost desires without feeling ashamed of them, because we all have them. How silly is it to behave as if we don’t all have them and that any one of us is better than the others?”

She continues, “One of the things I like is a man who’ll let me get away with being dominant in bed with him. In real life I’m anything but bossy, and it’s always a role I’m playing. It’s never anything more than pretend. But it turns on my dates and it turns me on like crazy. I love a good power game. It gets me all revved up and ready to go. It makes me very excited. It charges me up sexually, and it makes me very stimulated. I hate the idea of being romantically bored. I try very hard not to be. But there will always be that challenge, that envelope that needs to be pushed. If I can find someone to help me push that envelope, so much the better.”

Tina likes to spend her free time in bars playing bar games. She likes them, she says, because they’re very social. They are a way of keeping your hands busy while you are otherwise socializing with friends, and often they give you the pretext to keep you busy, give you something to focus on when there is a lull in the conversation, and keep everything from getting awkward. “What that means,” she says, “is that bar games are fun, but they are also a way of facilitating real human interaction. It’s like a social lubricant, just like alcohol. That’s why I like pub tricks and jokes so much. You hear bar jokes plenty of times. You see pub tricks that people bet their money on. These social outlets are unique culturally. I think they’re fun all by themselves, but they also teach us a lot about ourselves as people.”

Tina is always willing to try new things. “I think one of the fundamental skills a Belgium escort should bring to the table is the willingness to be open minded,” she says. “Every client is going to test your boundaries. Every client is going to want something new. I embrace that. I love to be pushed out of my comfort zone and I love to try and get to know someone through the things they enjoy. What’s that old saying that was in that movie… You never really know someone until you fight them? Well you never really know someone until you’ve taken the time to get to know what they love, what they think is fun, what they enjoy. The things we derive pleasure from tell us so much as people. They give us so much to go on. You should never deny yourself the opportunity to get to know somebody that way. It’s very much a key to human development and human understanding. Really.”