Adorable Violet was once very much into sports and always saw herself as something of a cheerleader. She is into some very sensual activities, such as nude yoga and tantric yoga. When she has new adventures, she writes them down in her daily diary, although she is careful never to include names and never to reveal anything about her clients. She haunts the local vintage stores, the clothing shops, and so on, looking for bargains, and she enjoys crafting her own clothes when she gets the chance. When she is socializing and carrying on with her friends, she says, is when she is most happy. She is fully aware that she is a party girl, and she doesn’t see anything wrong with being one.

“All of us want to have a little fun,” she admits. “Truthfully, I’m not any different in that regard. The only really big difference between my life and that of any other beautiful girl my age is that I found a way to get paid doing what I love. It’s really a dream come true, when you come right down to it. I can just spend my days and nights going out and partying, having a good time, meeting new people, and enjoying interesting new activities. I never know what the day will bring, except for those clients who book in advance, and even they are full of surprises, which is pretty wonderful all by itself. I never know until I’m asked if I’m going to a formal dinner, a beautiful restaurant, a great little hole in the wall diner, a pub, some family function, or a business convention. That endless variety ensures I never get bored, and that’s a wonderful thing, because I hate being bored. How many people can say that work never gets on their nerves, never bores them, or never seems to dragon on? I’m blessed to be able to say those things, truthfully, about being a Belgium escort. Belgium escorts are truly a dream come true, not just for our clients, but for the girls themselves. I suppose that’s part of the reason that I enjoy fulfilling other people’s fantasies, and knowing that when they’re out with me, we’re probably fulfilling a dream they have had for a very long while, you know?


Age 24
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Violet is very aware that the dream of dating a beautiful, sexy, young, taut, and toned Belgium escort is something that a lot of men have probably had in mind, and maybe even put off, for a long time now. She explains that it is something special to be able to fulfill a man’s fantasy after he has maybe had it in his head for so long. “To give a man what he has always wanted is truly amazing. It’s a superb opportunity,” she says. “Let’s say a man has always dreamed of hitting the town with a sexy, slinky girl in a mini-dress, but he has never had that opportunity. When he contacts and makes that request, well, I know he’s going to get what he wants. I know he’s finally going to be able to fulfill that fantasy. When we go drinking, or people see him with me, or we impress his friends and family, and my sexiness is what is making him look good, I don’t think I could ever feel better about myself than I do at that moment. So many men go so long with their fantasies unfulfilled. I have the opportunity to make a man’s dreams come true, and I get that opportunity every day. Can you imagine anything more fulfilling? I absolutely can’t, which is why being a Belgium escort is such a terrific opportunity for me. Belgium escorts are absolutely the best thing in the world.

Violet says that of all the things she does when she goes out with her clients, she thinks she enjoys the business related scenarios most. “I think every man has, at one time or another, had an office fantasy where a girl in tight clothes comes on to him, or maybe he even gets romantic with her right there in the office. I think that thrills people because it’s forbidden and because we’ve all had a coworker we were attracted to. Then there’s the fact that your coworkers are very status conscious. You want them to be impressed with who you are, right, and you want them to be thinking that you’re somebody special. That you’ve got what it takes to get ahead in the office. Well, when a man takes me to a business function, like one of those picnics or retreats where it is expected you would bring your spouse or a date or a girlfriend or whatever, he has the chance to impress everyone he works for. Maybe he can even blow the doors off his boss by showing him or her just how styling he is out there in the real world. There are different kinds of status in the office, and being the guy who can get stunning hot chicks is one of those high status positions.”

Violet takes her body very seriously as a tool of her trade, and she works hard to keep it looking good. “Every Belgium escort knows she is only as good as her appearance,” she explains. “You have to stay fit. You have to stay taut and toned. You have to have the curves a man wants. That is a big part of our appeal. And truthfully, any woman can be attractive if she just tries, if she just dresses sexy and has some idea how to please a man. The key is to be able to do it consistently and well. You have to be able to present yourself as a desirable woman all the time. You have to have what it takes to really wow anyone who sees you, sometimes on a moment’s notice. I love being sexy and attractive all the time, so I’m an ideal Belgium escort, honestly.”