Whenever one of our clients or prospective clients contacts us with a question, we take the time to address it. Frequently asked questions find their way onto this page. If you have a question or concern about our service, start here. Chances are good that we’ve already seen your question and have provided an answer. If you don’t see your question asked and answered, just contact us. If we receive numerous inquiries that are similar, we will update our FAQ file accordingly.

Q. How does LadiesofBelgium.com work, exactly?

A. Our process is a very simple and straightforward one. On our biography pages you will find several very attractive women listed. We have included pictures and interviews with the girls so that you can get some sense of who they are as people, what their personalities are like, and of course what they look like. All of our escorts are stunningly beautiful and we know that any of them could conceivably please you, but we also understand that different man have different preferences. Once you have made a selection, contact us. Let us know when you need to book your escort’s time, and we’ll coordinate her schedule with yours. If for some reason she is unavailable, we will suggest other escorts you might like just as much, and if you don’t see what you want on our website, we can reach out to our extended network of Belgium escorts and see if we can’t find a young lady who is well suited to your needs.


Once you have arranged for payment for the booking, it’s a simple matter of having your young lady friend meet you at a place to which the two of you have mutually agreed. Then, for the duration of your booking, your beautiful escort is yours. She will focus her full attention on you and see to it that you have an excellent time. She can accompany you to any number of venues in any number of scenarios. You can take your escort out for a more traditional date, such as dinner, drinks, and dancing, or you can have her accompany you to a business or social function. Your Belgium escort can handle formal situations, informal social gatherings, and anything in between. She can blend into the background or make you look like the kind of man who regularly travels with beautiful women. She can draw attention to you, or avoid drawing attention to you. It all comes down to what you want and what you would like your Belgium escort to do for you. Contact us today and we can get the process started for you.


Q. Do you take special requests?

A. Every man has different preferences, particularly when it comes to appearance, clothing, and so on. If you have a special request for you Belgium escort, we urge you to let us know as early as possible. We will make every effort to accommodate any reasonable request. We know that just the right outfit or just the right hair color/style may be all that it takes to push your booking from “good” to “great,” and we want to make sure your time with your Belgium escort is as fun and exciting as possible. Something you should consider, though, is this: We will always listen respectfully to your special request, and we will never judge you. We want you to be happy. And trust us, there is nothing you can ask for that we haven’t heard before. We can’t always say yes to every special request, but we will certainly try. Your happiness is our highest goal and our first priority.

Q. Do I have to be a resident of Belgium to use your service?

A. No, you don’t have to be a resident of Belgium to use our service, although obviously you do have to be in Belgium to meet one of our Belgium escorts (we cannot send a girl to you in another country, for example). Whether you live in Belgium or you are simply traveling here for business or pleasure, we can help you. Just let us know when you’ll be available. If you are local and you would like to become a regular, we would enjoy being able to serve you every time you get the urge for feminine companionship. And if you’re traveling through Belgium for the first time and you would like to arrange for the company of a sexy young woman, that’s fine too. Just contact us, let us know the timeframe for which you will need your escort (and the ideal duration for the booking) and we will get the process started for you.

Q. How long should I book my Belgium escort for?

A. The duration of your booking depends on what you want to do. Are you planning on going out on a more or less traditional date, such as for dinner, drinks, dancing, a show, a movie, or something like that? A few hours is generally sufficient for a booking like that. Do you want to do something more extensive, such as attend a social function, a business convention or retreat, or some other activity? The booking would need to cover the full length of time you expect to be there with your lovely lady on your arm. Plan your booking to accommodate the length of your event plus any necessary travel time. Your Belgium escort will surprise you with the wide variety of scenarios she is willing to handle. Her job is to make you look good. When you have a beautiful Belgium escort on your arm, everyone who sees you will be incredibly impressed. That is her function, after all. And a lot of boring activities can be made fun and even exciting and stimulating when you have a beautiful girl to keep you company. Keep that in mind the next time you are facing a weekend retreat or other business function, or the prospect of a boring social function, party, reception, or other gathering. Hiring one of our beautiful Belgium escorts, who will focus on you and give you her complete attention, may make the difference between being bored and never wanting to leave.

Q. Do you provide male escorts as well as female escorts?

A. At this time. LadiesofBelgium.com provides only female escorts. If that changes we will update our website accordingly. We may be able to refer you to a suitable male escort service, and if so, you may ask us to provide this referral. Unfortunately, we do not ourselves provide male escorts. We do, however, provide access to some of the most beautiful women in Belgium.

Q. I’m in Belgium on business. Can I book a different girl every night of my trip? Can I book more than one at a time?

A. Yes, of course. We encourage variety. You will never have access to a more diverse array of beautiful women than when you book our Belgium escorts, and if you would like to see a different lady each time, you may. You may even feel free to book more than one woman at the same time. Certainly, many men have had the fantasy of being around multiple sexy ladies all at once. Belgium escorts can make that dream a reality, which is something every man is eager to achieve.

Q. What special rules do I need to know about?

A. There are no special rules beyond common sense and mutual respect. We ask that you respect our Belgium escorts and never mistreat them. They, in turn, will treat you with total respect, focusing their attention on you for the duration of your booking. We believe that a night with a Belgium escort will forever ruin all other forms of feminine companionship for you. Once you have experienced what it is like to be with a Belgium escort, you will never want to accept anything less.

Q. How old are your escorts?

A. All of our escorts are of legal age.

Q. What testing and screening do you perform on your escorts?

A. All of our professional entertainers are thoroughly screened for your health, well-being, and happiness. We make sure not only that our Belgium escorts are healthy, but that they have the right temperament to do this job. We make sure they can conduct themselves professionally and we train them accordingly. Any Belgium escort who cannot be discreet and who cannot put client confidentiality and professional conduct first and foremost will not be permitted to stay. The screening we provide ensures that you will have an excellent experience with our trained, vetted professional entertainers.

Q. How do you protect my privacy?

A. We always protect client confidentiality and privacy. We do not collect any information on our clients, so there is no danger of that data being breached. We also make sure that our escorts never discuss you, or anything about you, with each other or with any third party. Our staff are similarly discreet, always.